Zion Baptist Church
​523 Washington Ave., Brooklyn,  NY

​Founded 1917                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Incorporated 1924

One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism
 ...Eph 4:5
 Rev. Thomas Franklin Stokes
 Ministerial Staff of Zion Baptist Church
 Rev. Thomas Stokes, the fourth child of the late Bishop Isaac & Dorothy Stokes, is a native of Brooklyn, NY. He was educated in the NYC Public Schools system and severed a six year tour of duty in the US Air Force as a Flight Paramedic. After his military career, he began his professional career as an Engineering Technician & graduated from the NY State School of Engineering Technology.
  Rev. Stokes attended & graduated from the Universal Theological Seminary & was ordained by the Brooklyn Baptist Evangelical Union in March 2005. Rev. Stokes accepted his call to pastor at the United Missionary Baptist Church in Brooklyn, NY where he ministered for 7 years until illness caused him to step down. During his time as Pastor, God blessed United to make major renovations to the church. He has been married to his wife Rosetta F. Stokes for 32 years & proud parents of 2 children Thomas Jarrod and Quiana Nicole. Rev Stokes has been part of Zion Baptist Church Ministerial Staff the last 5 years.
 Min. Annie L. Barnes
   Min. Annie Barnes has been a member of Zion Baptist Church since September of 1986. Min. Barnes was appointed Church Treasurer in 1990 and continues to serve as the Church Treasure today. Min. Barnes has been a student of Zion Baptist Church Bible Institute from its inauguration semester in fall of 1994 until she began to teach. Min. Barnes has taught at the Zion Baptist Church Bible Institute from 2005 - 2011. As part of Pastor Peace's bold & innovative step in Zion, Min. Barnes, along with 11 other woman began training as Deacons and on Nov. 30, 1997 they were ordained as Deacons. To further her ministry, Min. Barnes began her seminary training to become a minister and on January 27, 2002, Min. Barnes was licensed to preach the gospel by Rev. Dr. M. Marquette Peace, Jr. Min. Barnes now serve as the Minister to all Ministries.  
  Min. Barnes is the mother of four children, 1 daughter & 3 sons. Grandmother of 12 and great-grandmother of 8.
 Ministries Affiliation: Pastor's Aide, Evangelistic Task Force, Chancel Mass Choir, Praise Ministry.